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Discover the Art of Tasting: Accessories, Glasses, and Gift Sets.

Because the pleasure of wine goes beyond the bottle, immerse yourself in our thoughtfully curated collection of accessories, refined glasses, and elegant gift sets. We believe that each tasting should be a complete experience, elevated by details that make a difference.


  • Accessories

    Tasting Accessories:

    Explore our range of accessories dedicated to wine enthusiasts. From elegant corkscrews to sophisticated decanters, each item has been chosen to enhance your tasting experience. Discover practical and aesthetic accessories that will become perfect companions for your wine moments.

  • Glasses

    Alsace Wine Glasses:

    Savor every sip in glasses designed specifically to enhance the wines of Alsace. Our elegant wine glasses are the result of a perfect blend of art and functionality. Highlight the aromatic nuances of each vintage with glasses that add a touch of elegance to your tastings.

  • Gift boxes

    Exceptional Gift Sets:

    Looking for the perfect gift for the wine enthusiasts in your life? Our gift sets are the answer. Combining the refinement of Alsace wines with quality accessories, these ready-to-gift ensembles are an invitation to discovery and sharing. Offer an unforgettable experience with our carefully composed gift sets.

  • Personalization

    Personalize A Personal Touch to Each Bottle.

    At Vins Lorang, we believe that each bottle of wine tells a story, and each story is unique. That's why we offer you the opportunity to personalize your labels, so that each tasting becomes a truly personal and memorable experience.

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