Discover our selection of wines classified by sweetness.

Offering a palette of tastes for every palate, from dry and refreshing wines to sweet nectars with sugary notes, each bottle is an invitation to explore flavors. Whether you prefer the subtle balance of semi-dry wines or the delicate sweetness of sweet wines, our collection provides a diverse tasting experience. Dive into our range and find the wine that will delight your taste buds with precision and delicacy.


  • Dry

    Explore our range of dry wines.

    An exquisite selection that highlights the elegance and purity of the fruit. Each of our bottles embodies the quintessence of our terroir, offering a refined and balanced tasting experience. Whether to accompany a meal or to savor with simplicity, our dry wines are the perfect choice for lovers of pure and intense wines. Explore our collection and be seduced by the finesse and subtlety of our creations.

  • Brut

    Explore our range of Brut sparkling wines.

    A sparkling celebration of freshness and elegance. Each flute reveals lively effervescence and delicate aromas, offering a sparkling and refreshing experience. Our Brut wines are the perfect accompaniment for festive and celebratory moments. Whether to toast to a special occasion or to brighten up an evening with friends, they bring a touch of elegance and liveliness. Dive into our selection and let yourself be charmed by the brilliance of Brut sparkling wines, an invitation to joy and lightness.

  • Semi-dry

    Discover our selection of demi-sec wines.

    A subtle blend of sweetness and freshness. Each bottle reveals a delicate balance, offering a taste experience that charms the senses. Our demi-sec wines are the perfect accompaniment for moments of sharing and conviviality. Whether for a tête-à-tête dinner or a celebration with friends, they will seduce even the most discerning palates. Browse our collection and savor the unique harmony of our demi-sec wines, an invitation to relaxation and delight.

  • Medium-dry

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our sweet wines.

    A symphony of sweetness and captivating aromas. Each of these bottles is an invitation to an exquisite sensory experience, where the richness of the fruit blends with delicate sweetness. Our sweet wines are gems to be savored slowly, for moments of pure delight. Whether as an accompaniment to dessert or for contemplative tasting, they reveal the magic of our terroir. Explore our selection and let yourself be carried away by the unique emotion of our sweet wines, true liquid treasures to be enjoyed with passion.

  • Sweet

    Explore our selection of sweet wines.

    The ultimate expression of the sweetness and richness of the fruit. Each sip reveals a sweet opulence, balanced by exceptional aromatic complexity. Our sweetest wines in the collection are treasures to be savored with delight. Their intensity makes them perfect companions for exquisite desserts or moments of pure indulgence. Dive into our range and be seduced by the sumptuousness of these sweet wines, a tasting experience of rare elegance.

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